Parcours Didactique en Échographie Abdominale du Chien et du Chat - Édition 22
Nathalie Ariel Cohen-Solal

Dr Nathalie Ariel Cohen-Solal

1989: DMV ULg

1989-1990: Internship in The Radiology Department of Purdue University (Indana, USA)

1990-1991: Externship in the Radioogy Department of Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK)

1991: Certificate in Veterinary Radiology, Royal College of London (RCVS, UK).

1991-1993: Imaging Department Of University of Liege, Assistantship.

1994-2017: Private referral Center of Imaging , Brussels.

2017- now: Creation of VETIMACS, referral center of Imaging (MRI 1,5T, CT scan 64 slices, US, Digital Radiography).

Publications: in national and international scientific reviews.

Education: Continuing education in Belgium, France, UK, USA.

Presentation in national and international congress.